Identity Continued - Food Service

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Last week we looked at spiritual identity and completed a mirror picture together, depicting the elusive and mystical nature of that identity.  

Identity continues this week with our food service.  As well as sharing food and having a catch up we will also be considering identity and gifts of the spirit.  So come hungry.

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Chaplaincy training

Chaplaincy 7 sml

Sanctus 1 has run an Introduction to Chaplaincy training course with some of its community members. Putting that into action, Sanctus 1 has the privilege of establishing the first chaplaincy at Afflecks.

There will be a second Introduction to Chaplaincy course run in July (see the Diary for dates), so please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in being a part of that.

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Spiritual Identity

After a short break looking at 'Happy' we go back for one week only to look at identity, this time spiritual identity.  So this Sunday (26th May) and Next Wednesday (29th May) will be an exciting adventure into the depths of who you are before God.

Heads up for the following week which will be a food service.

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A power-pellet for

Pacman last supper

Sometimes you have to shake old things up for them to become fresh again. Or at least see them in a new way.

This website is 98 months old. It's time for a bit of a redesign instead of the same old, out-of-date blog you keep seeing.

Watch this space as we consult our Web Configuration Advisory Department (a.k.a. the templates button on our Blogger dashboard). And remember: stay away from those ghosts; keep taking the pills.

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