What Else Do We Do?

As well as holding our weekly service on Wednesdays, there are a few other regular things Sanctus 1 is involved with.

Spirituality Film Nights

Run by Nexus Art Cafe in response to their survey about spirituality, Sanctus 1 supports a monthly film night using the Nexus big screen. There is a group discussion of the film afterwards for those wishing to stay on, covering all sorts of topics, from the technical aspects of the movie to its broader themes.

Nexus Gaming Group

A group of people who enjoy playing tabletop games and meet from 7pm on the second Monday of every month in Nexus Art Cafe to share that enthusiasm. More details can be found on the Nexus Gaming Group webpage.


An area that Sanctus 1 has been exploring, inspired by some talks from Jonathan Green, who introduced us to this often overlooked mission. Jonathan subsequently worked with our paid leader, Al, to run some further teaching on the subject for interested community members. Our first chaplains are now assigned to Afflecks, a Manchester landmark and 'eclectic emporium of indie commerce'. The Methodist Church website has details about chaplaincy if you wish to find out more.


Sanctus 1 has hosted a number of services at Greenbelt over the years, whether small or large, on its own or in collaboration with others. Sanctus even ran the Sunday morning communion service in 2009. The festival provides an important place for us to share our spirituality.


Sanctus 1 provides spiritual covering for a small group of Christians exploring their faith through the lens of alternative sub-cultures. Meeting every few months they spend time with a subject, often in a location that compliments the subject matter e.g. Steampunk spirituality at the Museum of Science and Industry. Sub have also run services at Greenbelt over the last few years, bringing a unique flavour of gothic, heavy metal, punk and other alternative influences to worship.


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