Giving up Negative Emotions for Lent

We have a theme for Lent… Giving up Negative emotions, or maybe facing negative emotions so that we might let go of them.  It was inspired by some material which Sheila found about the situation in Palestine ( in which people there report feeling a range of negative emotions.  Each week we will consider an emotion and look at how it makes us feel, how others feel and then talk about letting go.

Programme includes


1st  Food, Intro to negative emotions - Al

8th  Ashamed Sheila

15th  Useless

22nd Rejected/Excluded/Marginalised

29th  Guilt 


5th  Food service, feeling empty

12th Unloved

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Community Away Day Jan 2017

We spent a Saturday socialising and thinking about moving on.  We made tents out sheets and sticks and chairs and whatever..  Something that we could take with us on our journey and give us shelter.  Not too heavy a burden.

Sanctus 1 will no longer be meeting on Sundays.  See you on a Wednesday.

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Penetrating the Darkness

If you are planning on coming to Sanctus this Wednesday (30th Nov), bring a torch.  We are looking at an Advent theme of penetrating the Darkness and we will be going out into the night with a torch.  Bring some warm clothing too.  

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Burnt Offerings Becomes Bread and Wine.

In old testament times we talked to God with burnt offerings.  Jesus said remember me with bread and wine.  Last Wednesday we thought about this while having a barbeque.  On Sunday we used Godly Play.


Godly Play Burnt Offerings

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