Music Service 1

One of the disires I have had for a while is that we try to use our musical talent at Sanctus in a creative way of expressing something to or of God.  So it seemed appropriate as a follow up to the Love Language services that we look what song would you like to sing or play to God.  So we had a service that looked at peoples songs that they wanted to sing or play and asked why this song?  We concluded with a spirit inspired jaming session which sounded wonderful; a must do again!

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Love Languages

During September we have had a series of services thinking about the most essential part of our lives - love.

Love September 2014

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Mind Body Soul

Sanctus 1 sported a Christian presence at the Mind Body Soul Exibition held at Central in Manchester on 10th/11th May.  Our stand was prominent and different from other stands around us.  What was also different was we weren't selling anything, just talking and sharing.  We  developed an amazing prayer wall over the weekend.  We gave away blessing bracelets, crocheted hearts and love heart sweats.


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2014 Community Away Day - Mission

IMG 3906

We are privileged in that a lot of our community really look forward to meeting up for a full day together. Given we have two regular services, a large proportion of Sanctus 1 rarely see each other. This was our third annual away day and this time we met at St Agnes church in Reddish.

Guest speaker and Fresh Expressions researcher/theologian, Michael Moynagh, talked to us and with us  over the course of a few sessions about the subject of mission. He brought some interesting perspectives and some much needed reassurance about what could be (and what might not be) considered mission.

We realised that actually a lot of us are already engaged in some form of mission, which is a good thing given one of the Sanctus 1 shared values is to be missional. It gave us lots to think about (as these away days often do) and I'm sure we will explore the subject further in upcoming services.

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First Games Night

Gaming Night

Last week Sanctus 1 had a social night revolving around games. It was great fun and there were plenty of games to choose from, both well known and obscure. No traditional games like Chess or Monopoly though - this went slightly off piste and properly into table top gaming land.

Everyone who came had a lot of fun, so it looks like this will be back. We'll keep you posted for news of the next gaming night and feel free to bring a friend with you.

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