Songs of Hope

For our gatherings this week people were invited to share a piece of music, of any genre, that conveys to them a message of hope. During the service we listened to the music, with those who chose it being encouraged to say a few words about the piece, why it is important to them and why it gives them hope. Listening to the music, sharing what the songs mean to us, provided an opportunity to reflect on where we find hope and how music can be used as a way to give us hope, in different ways, whether that be by helping centre us spiritually, or it giving us hope for a better future, or a hope that God will use us & extend grace and truth and love through us.

If you’d like to listen to the that were played you can do so on Spotifty or Youtube. A full list of the songs chosen is listed below.

Sanctus1 - Songs of Hope
Threnody – Frida
Nothing is Over – Sunrise Avenue
We’ll Meet Again – Johnny Cash
It’s Getting Better – Mama Cass
Jesus, I Will – Faith First
Freunde, dass der Mandelzweig
Through the Dark – One Direction
Reason For Waiting – Jethro Tull
Lord, There Are Times – Geoffrey Nobes Kevin Mayhew
Across the Bridge – Jim Reeves
I Have A Dream – ABBA
Promised Land – Dubkonscious
Fearless – Pink Floyd
God is a DJ – Faithless
Happy – Pharrell Williams
Today – Iona
Ismael – I know Jesus Loves Me
In the Bath – Lemon Jelly
King of Birds – Karine Polwart
I Walk Alone – Tarja
Celebration -  Kool & the Gang
No Cars Go - Arcade Fire
Extol – Pearl 

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