Community Away Day

For our away day on 11th July around 15 of us gathered at the Moravian church settlement in Fairfield, East Manchester. Our day included plenty of time for socialising and enjoying being together along with food (healthy home-made soup and bread as well as chocolate treats and homemade flapjack).

Part of the time was spent reflecting on where we were up to in our individual lives with the invitation to pause whilst soothing music played in the background. Then to use some of the art materials provided to express ourselves; pastel colours for the calmer emotions, harder felt-tip pens if appropriate and using different textures and colours of paper – rough or smooth as desired.

The afternoon gave a chance to explore the museum at the settlement or to stroll along the canal before gathering again to consider our life as a church, both past and where we’d like to go in future months.

Away Day Canal Walk

Written by Shelia. Photo taken by Tim.

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