Sanctus services in July: play, joy and being childlike

Playing with Food

What’s your view of God? Is he a severe old man waiting to punish or is fun an adjective you’d use to describe him?

Our monthly food service kicked off our July theme of 'play, joy and being childlike' as we were instructed to play with our food, a direct contradiction of the rule most of us remember from our childhood! Then we considered communion, usually a serious time in most churches. Is it OK to smile or laugh during communion? Our conclusion was that if we were remembering Jesus’ life then that could be appropriate but if we were only thinking of his death then it wouldn’t be right. Overall we thought we’d prefer to think of his life, much as a eulogy at a funeral service might seek to reflect the nature of the life of the deceased and not just be a sombre thought of death. In life our view of Jesus is as a fun-loving person – after all he did talk about a camel going through the eye of a needle, surely with a twinkle in his eye?

Written by Shelia

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