2014 Community Away Day - Mission

IMG 3906

We are privileged in that a lot of our community really look forward to meeting up for a full day together. Given we have two regular services, a large proportion of Sanctus 1 rarely see each other. This was our third annual away day and this time we met at St Agnes church in Reddish.

Guest speaker and Fresh Expressions researcher/theologian, Michael Moynagh, talked to us and with us  over the course of a few sessions about the subject of mission. He brought some interesting perspectives and some much needed reassurance about what could be (and what might not be) considered mission.

We realised that actually a lot of us are already engaged in some form of mission, which is a good thing given one of the Sanctus 1 shared values is to be missional. It gave us lots to think about (as these away days often do) and I'm sure we will explore the subject further in upcoming services.

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